Roxy Pacific Holdings Shopping Centre Asia Developer

This is a giant investment company that deals with the property as well as hospitality industry businesses in Asia. Its main operations entail property development, investment as well as hotel ownership segments. The Roxy Pacific Holdings is the primary owner of the famous Grand-Mercure Roxy Hotel which has over 576 guest rooms which are located and among the best hotel in Singapore. The giant holdings company is still the one with the rights and power to manage this mega hotel.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Company

The development of this company focuses on both residential and commercial units which include condominiums; apartments just name them under its brand, Roxy Pacific. Also, the company has all rights and ownership authority of Boutique Hotel which operate under the Noku-Roxy brand. This complex hotel has over 81 rooms and it’s found in Kyoto and the other with 154 rooms and it’s found in Japan Osaka city. It has also another with 50 rooms located in Kudafunafuna Island, Maldives and the Noonu Atoli.

Roxy Square Shopping Centre by Roxy Pacific Holdings

Additionally, the company is the genuine owner of the Roxy square Mega shopping center which has over 52 shops and a busy area where both young and old flock to do their shopping. The company also owns about 50% interest in a freehold 14-story commercial development in Sydney CBD located at 117 clearance street. Also in Melbourne CBD, it has a six-story freehold retail and commercial building.

The group is also the genuine owners of NZI center found in Auckland and at the same time, it has 50% interest in a modern office building located at the street known as 205 Queen which marks its foray in great New Zealand. The company was founded back in 1967 and its headquarters are in Singapore. Its leading company in Singapore in Both hospitality, residential and commercial development and investment.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Asia Pacific Holdings

Its quality and well-structured developments, has built its reputation across Asia-Pacific making it a company which has successfully thrived in various fields such as hospitality, Residential properties, and shopping centers. Roxy Pacific is a well-established brand and deals with a small and medium-sized development project. So if you want to have a residential development such as condominiums or apartments which are aimed to grab the middle and upper middle concern, then, Roxy Pacific is the master of these kinds of development.

It has really scaled developments to another level which has brought competitive field thus leading to improved results which places it on the global map as a well-organized holdings company.

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