Meyerhouse Location at Tanjong Katong by UOL Group

Meyerhouse is a new, wholly owned project situated in the middle of Tanjong Katong by the UOL Group. The site is a wholly-owned project previously built on Nanak, which is being sold collectively to Fisher Venture Investment and it is the first group of all. Meyerhouse is situated in the central area of Meyer Road, next to the close to MRT station on the Thomson-East Coastline.

Situated close to East Coast Park, Meyerhouse Tanjong Katong comes with 185 hectares of land and a 15 km coastline with a beautiful sandy beach, a ski pass, barbecue features, sports, and recreational areas, Meyerhouse Location is a valid reference point. It has features to attract all types of tourists from tourists who enjoy the sea breeze to cyclists, drivers, water sports enthusiasts, food, birdwatchers, environmentalists.

Meyerhouse Location at Tanjong Katong by UOL Group

Meyerhouse locates the location in a land of absolute ownership that represents a suitable investment for the UOL Group that is looking to replenish their minerals. Most of the launches have been developed recently for 99 years, and this free development will provide an opportunity for buyers looking for wholly-owned land situated in Tanjong Katong. The Meyerhouse UOL group has complete and unique features, including a guardhouse, an indoor gym, a club, a functional room, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a barbecue. The apartment features offer complete family entertainment for your family and your loved ones. Immerse yourself in a calm and peaceful lifestyle in the middle of Tanjong Katong.

Meyerhouse Close to Shopping Centres in Tanjong Katong

The Meyerhouse Condo UOL Group is also strategically situated with many shopping centers close. For example, the famous Parkway Parade, Katong shopping center, and 112 Katong are positioned close to Meyerhouse, formerly Nanak Mansions. The Meyerhouse Freehold apartment is sited close to East Coast Park, where there are many outdoor features available so that residents can spend time with their family.

Meyerhouse is situated close to Meyer Road Park

Meyerhouse Meyer Road is a family of 36 units owned by a low-level Indian family that does not reside in this project. The 36 development units have been leased, and the old Nanak palaces consist of 36 small apartments consisting of 4 or 5 rooms. The properties of Nanak Mansions were sold to the UOL Group for a total value of $ 201.1 M. The Nanak Mansions are also situated next to Park and Meyer Road, adding impressive amenities About Meyer Road

Meyerhouse can be reached via the next MRT station, which will end in 2023. For owners who take buses, there are many buses along Mountbatten and Marine Parade Road. For owners traveling to the city, Meyer Road is situated next to the East Coast of Parkway.

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