Bukit Panjang Town Located Near to Bukit Panjang

When in Singapore, you most definitely need to board the LRT (Light Rapid Transit) train into Bukit Panjang for an amazing glimpse of this awesome place. The huge community space, rows of beautiful residential flats, and parks will have you mesmerized. The Bukit Panjang estate has grown immensely over the recent years due to the calm and serene environment that it offers homeowners.

Brief history of Bukit Panjang

In the past, however, Bukit Panjang was simply comprised of dense foliage, and factories emitting grey smoke. During this time, you had to take a Vulcan omnibus to get to Bukit Panjang and the most interesting part of the trip would be the occasional hawker voices through open bus windows. The structures that came into view once you arrived were just brick and zinc shop houses mixed in no particular pattern. This was the 1950’s and Bukit Panjang town was just a cluster of villages known as chap kor.

In 1845, the settlement began to expand rapidly mostly due to the extended Bukit Timah Road that opened up Kranji to the north. Rubber cultivation was then quickly introduced and the popular business guru Ong Sam Leong established his Bukit Panjang estate and tapped the first tree. In the 1900s, Bukit Panjang Railway Station was established and it became instrumental in the town’s rapid growth. By 1910, there was a total of five scheduled trains to the rapid growing town ferrying both passengers, mail, goods, and stone.

Residential Town at Bukit Panjang

With the towering residential flats and incredible infrastructure, today’s Bukit Panjang is quite different from what it used to be in the past. However, there is still the flourishing camaraderie spirit that existed in the past that simply testifies to the incredible heritage the town has. The community institutions like Bukit Panjang Youth Club are still flourishing despite the establishment of new initiatives like community gardens.

Infrastructure of Bukit Panjang

Bukit Panjang can simply be described as paradise on earth both due to the infrastructure and the sense of community it offers. It is the only town where a policy reversal was effected in the whole of Singapore. The name was changed to Zhenghua in the 1980s by the government, and a spirited debate ensured the former name was reinstated. Bukit Panjang is a must-visit paradise especially when you are looking for a residential home. It is a great settlement place that is suitable for families, both large and small. Ensure you visit this paradise on earth to get a glimpse of what it offers.

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