Amber 45 Freehold Condo by UOL Development

Amusement has never got the better part of you if you have not been in Amber 45. One will automatically confess that wonders will never cease. It is a development project started by the UOL group right at the centre of Marine parade. This site of Amber 45 location once existed for sale since it had existed for the nursery business as well as housing the landscape which kept shining for over 30 years. The site was avoided by many who feared for their lives. Anyway, do I have to say that one man’s meat shall remain to be another man’s poison as the famous adage goes?

Amber 45 Freehold Development by UOL

The development also is located within a short walk from the Tanjong Katong project which is an MTR station on rise. This site is under a rapid development and has been on progressive construction for sometimes. Surrounding the Amber station is rich variety of social amenities which do not only include the academic institutions but it also include the various shopping centres that are situated in the Marine pared and the upcoming Tanjong Katong area.

What makes the Tanjong Katong shopping mall special as well the celebrated neighbouring region from the Amber 45? This is one of the most ancient shopping mall that was constructed in the earliest era in the controversial Singapore that has been on the map as one of the most developed city in the world. The shopping mall is also famous for its rich creativity and designs due to hosting many textile industries that have made trend not trend anymore but part of dressing for human lives.

Amber 45 Ban Nee Chen Nursery Condo

The shopping mall area also houses many clinics and many more health centres that have served a large number of the surrounding human lives in the region as well as those from far distance.
It also hosts various maid agencies which are tasked with the duty of safeguarding human lives from hostility. Moreover, the Kanjong Katong shopping centre which neighbours the UOL Amber 45 project is also known to be having very large number of saloons that address the hair and the hairstyle conditions.

Amber 45 Freehold Condo at Katong Singapore

The Uniqueness of The Amber Road. Amber 45 Amber Road is one of the most unique vicinity that is enriched with a huge collection of facilities that include but not limited to the following:

•The guard houses that train and offer security services.
•The club houses for the various forms of party and drinking with friends.
The physical exercise facilities like he indoor gym for providing recreational services and the other forms of physical exercises.
• The functional rooms which give a peaceful space for meetings and other activities to be held there.
Available are also the recreational facilities like the swimming pools and the tennis court besides the children playing ground.
The Amber 45 Amber Road is the most sought and commonly visited place because it guarantees your entire family the most desired entertainment activities and serene peaceful provisions for you and your loved ones just at the centre of Marine Parade.
Amber 45 openly is sited on a vast prime portion of land that allows free expansion and incremental projection by the UOL group which is likely going to take as long time as the group wishes.

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